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Packaging & Recycling 2024 is the forum dedicated to the packaging and recycling industry in Italy, the event that no operator in the sector can miss.

Packaging & Recycling 2024 will take place in the prestigious setting of Museo Storico Alfa Romeo in Arese on 11 and 12 June. Now at its seventh edition, Packaging & Recycling 2024 is dedicated to plastic packaging and its lifecycle, from design to post-consumer recycling.  In a context in which public and media attention is increasingly focused on plastics, Packaging & Recycling 2024 stands out for its freshness and quality.  In this field, the ability to keep pace with times plays a decisive role for packaging manufacturers, recyclers and technology suppliers looking for new solutions capable of combining high performance with respect for the environment.

Packaging & Recycling 2024 will see the participation of top figures from the world of research, universities and major brand owners who will illustrate their strategies in the field of packaging and the evolution of consumer preferences. In the past editions, a number of leading companies took part in the event such as Coop, Ferrarelle, Ferrero, Galbani, Heinz, Henkel, Nestlé and many others.



Circular Economy

The future of polymer packaging materials is closely linked to their ability to meet the criteria of the Circular Economy and environmental sustainability which involves the transformation of waste into a valuable resource.


Lightweight, versatile and environment-friendly, plastic materials have always been the focus of food and industrial packaging, in a process of evolution that never stops, where the role of biodegradable and compostable polymers is growing steadily.


Extrusion, blow moulding, thermoforming and other technologies allow increasingly efficient and performing machining processes. The recycling systems “close the loop”, giving new value to materials.

Policies and Regulations

The European Union’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) and the United Nations’ decisions against plastic pollution can significantly change the regulatory environment in which companies operate. It is therefore essential to know their content.


Lorenzo Tinti
Head of Sales Optical Sorting Italy Cimbria Srl

As a proof of the constant commitment to support the green economy, Cimbria has recently installed an innovative optical processing plant at Plastisavio SpA. The plant represents a novelty in the process of recovery of polystyrene and other polymers from WEEE, as all the processing steps are carried out “dry”. The industry requires ever higher quality standards and the Cimbria plant is designed to maximize the effectiveness of the plant, with a sequence of cutting-edge machinery in the sector

Andrea Vittadello
Coordinator of Project Managers at the Science Center of Mérieux NutriSciences Italy

A pillar of the Packaging Regulation is recycling: recyclable and recycled containers. Food grade plastics will have to face new European rules while continuing to guarantee safety to consumers: EU Regulation 2022/1616 is the benchmark. What to monitor? Some contaminants are characteristic, depending on the type of recycled plastic; others are unexpected, unpredictable, and even unknown, due to the “previous life” of the base material. For both, appropriate analytical solutions are offered to detect their presence and migration into the food.

Marco Dalfovo
Head of recycling division MEYER ITALY

Meyer optical sorting machines offer an effective optical sorting solution that accompanies the customer along the entire PET recycling processing line. Starting from the bottle sorting process, passing to the Flake sorting color, polymer and UV, this approach extends to the selection and recovery of the undersieves and the quality control of the final granule thanks to a vast and complete fleet of machines that guarantee a state-ofthe-art response to the increasing need for waste reduction and efficiency of recycling processes.

Marta Schiraldi
Head of Sustainability, Safety & Health Nestlé Italy and Malta

Packaging allows us to reach consumers, ensuring the safe consumption of the products they love. At Nestlé, we understand the importance of working along the supply chain and the need to collaborate to make it increasingly circular. We have set ambitious goals: to reduce the use of virgin plastic in our packaging by 1/3 compared to 2018 and to make our packaging recyclable or reusable. Therefore, we have revised our strategy, including collaboration with various stakeholders, engaging our consumers, and taking an objective approach to sustainability. These are key ingredients for building best practices.

Matteo Gaiardi
Sales & Product Development Director, SERIOPLAST

As plastic converters we acknowledge our responsibility in developing long-term solutions, capabilities and tools to enable the shift of the market towards sustainable production models that can preserve and restore the Environment”. Serioplast focuses on developing packaging solutions that not only meet consumer needs but also sustain environmental preservation. By enhancing the performance of recycled materials in plastic bottles, the company seeks to maximize economic, mechanical, and functional efficiencies while reducing dependence on virgin resources. Serioplast positions itself as a leader in sustainable packaging, promoting innovative solutions to address current environmental challenges.

Marco Rossi
Director of Sales & MKT VIBA

Since its beginning, VIBA has dutifully pursued a balance between sustainability and business, a balance aimed at the increasingly necessary protection of the environment in which we live. This has led the company to use certified suppliers and to eliminate from the production cycle those substances that may have negative implications on human health and the environment. The European REACH regulation is an excellent reference point for us. The company’s main mission is now to obtain ISCC PLUS certification for certain product ranges in order to guarantee traceability and sustainability for its customers and, of course, to propose solutions such as Masterbatches Multipurpose or Vibatan 4.REC, for the reuse of plastic materials in different applications

Daniele Cerizzi
CEO Windmoller & Holscher Italy

W&H AQUAREX lines, with water quench system, open a whole new range of film solutions, such as 3-layer PE or PP products for medical applications, barrier films up to 11 layers with excellent transparency, thermoforming and sealing properties.

Ezio Filippi

The presentation covers the current global market dynamics for PE, PP and PET virgin polymers. It is provided an in-depth analysis for margins, production issues, new capacities and most recent import-export trends. Price expectations and future trends (+12 months) are also commented. Current and history prices of recycled polymers are reported and compared with virgin polymer prices.

Alberto Baracco
Managing Director - Baracco

For quite some time, the European community has clearly stated that the primary path for reducing microplastics and emissions lies in the recycling of post-consumer plastic materials. For this reason, Baracco Srl has developed specific plants that, combined with compounding extruders, ensure the production of crystallized PET granules. The technology developed by Baracco Srl enables the production of pellets from washed PET flakes, using particularly controlled cutting conditions to obtain high-quality granules. Subsequently, these granules are partially crystallized using an internally designed crystallizer. The process begins with PET flakes, which have undergone a washing process to remove contaminants and impurities. These washed flakes are fed into the underwater cutting system, where they are transformed into granules through a controlled extrusion and cutting process. During the underwater cutting process, operational conditions such as temperature and pressure are carefully controlled to ensure uniform and consistent granule production. This ensures that the resulting granules are of precise size and shape, ideal for use in specific applications. Once the granules are obtained, they are transferred to the crystallizer designed by Baracco Srl. The crystallizer is designed to provide a controlled environment where the PET granules can partially crystallize. This partial crystallization process helps improve the mechanical and thermal properties of the granules, making them more suitable for use in a variety of applications. This report explains in detail the conditions and criteria for the construction of the Baracco plant to ensure what has been achieved on multiple industrial plants already operational since the beginning of the year 2023

Raffaele Abbruzzetti
Managing Director - ARBURG

Francesco Albertazzi
Operative Director Mold&Mold - RB

With the arburgGREENworld programme, ARBURG, leader in the injection moulding machine sector, has grouped together all activities relating to the circular economy and resource conservation with the objective to increase the production efficiency in all areas and in order to make production even more sustainable. The new machine generations drastically reduce energy consumption and are able to intelligently manage complex moulding processes where the complexity may be in the materials or in the mould. We combine our expertise in injection moulding machines with the research and development, mould construction and moulding skills of RB Srl, also known as MOLD&MOLD, which has been active in the medical, food packaging and cosmetics sectors for many years. We will explain sustainable design solutions from material reduction to reduction of the energy required for cooling, the transition of the finished product from multi-material to monomaterial combined with special control of the new materials processed, guaranteeing 360° consultancy of the complete project

Pavel Andrushchuk
Business Manager | Recycling - Piovan

The increasingly widespread use of post-consumer plastics requires constant improvement of processes and the adoption of technological measures to guarantee the correct functioning of the systems. This is crucial to prevent unwanted substances from irremediably contaminating the finished product, making it less usable for the final consumer, or from becoming production waste due, for example, to high VOC emissions. Containing or reducing the presence of certain substances allows access to markets which, due to their intrinsic characteristics, require continuous monitoring of the production process and high quality standards, including organoleptic aspects such as odor and emissions in the automotive sector or the presence of substances such as benzene and acetaldehyde in food packaging. During the presentation, Piovan will present how to address the issue of VOC, using innovative technologies that minimize energy consumption, minimize waste and inefficiencies in the production process, saving resin, time and energy.

Matteo Mogno
Contrex Area Manager

The world of flexible packaging is constantly evolving and companies in the sector are continuously looking for solutions that can increase the quality of their production process. Contrex, a brand of Moretto Group, has been successfully operating in this market for over 40 years and has recently supported Vopachel, a Friuli-based company specialized in the production of technical film, creating a system capable of coping with the variables of a highly unstable process such as blown film extrusion. A challenge that Contrex took up with determination by collaborating with Vopachel to create a film with a thickness of 6 microns, designing a control system capable of reducing line start-up times to just 5 minutes

Giuseppe Scicchitano
Packaging Manager, Henkel Italia Srl

An overview of the different production technologies applied to plastic materials with different recycled plastic contents is presented. All this by creating a virtuous cycle of use of post-consumer recycled polymers to be used in FMCG products

Philipp Niermann

The OMNI has the MRS extruder and RSFgenius screenchanger at its heart but provides a complete package from feeding, compacting, degassing, filtering to pelletizing. The MRS extruder is based on conventional single screw technology but is equipped with a multiple screw section for devolatilization. It enables very efficient and gentle decontamination of various polymers (PET,PS, HDPE…) , whilst achieving the requirements for direct food contact. The RSFgenius is the best performing screenchanger with the lowest backflushing losses in the market and allows for pressure constant operations without the need to ever stop the line for maintenance

Matteo Terragni
ENGEL Italia Managing Director

The production dynamics of industry are changing, evolving toward circular economy, digitalization, and energy saving. Anticipating these trends, ENGEL has developed solutions to make injection molding more sustainable and efficient. Innovation is not only about high-performance machines, but also intelligent assistants that support technical operators in optimizing processes quickly and easily. The broad portfolio also includes innovative technologies to process all kinds of recycled plastics – even in the form of post-consumer flakes – into components for all industries, from packaging to automotive to technical molding

Roberto Tangorra
Quality R&D Manager - DENTIS

In a continuous evolving regulatory framework and getting closer to the introduction of obligations of the use of recycled PET in the production of PET bottles, the talk aims to offer a general overview of the state of the art of the advantages and constrains in the use of R-PET for food applications, pointing out the urgency to create a robust, traceable, reliable and safe RPET production supply chain able in ensuring the achievements of the targets imposed by the Europe



JUNE 11 or 12
  • Registration valid for participation in only one of the two days of the event which includes:​
  • included Coffee Breaks
  • Lunch at your own expense (12/06)*​
  • Visit to the Alfa Romeo Museum: discounted ticket purchase for €8 (instead of €15).


JUNE 11 and 12
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JUNE 11 and 12
  • Registration valid for participation in only one of the two-day event that includes:
  • included Coffee Breaks
  • Lunch at your own expense (12/06)*​
  • Visit to the Alfa Romeo Museum: discounted ticket purchase for €8 (instead of €15).

Participants who register as free attendants to the conference will have to pay for the lunch. On 12th June it will be possible for them to have lunch at the Ristorante Caffè Alfa Romeo, choosing between the menu of the Bar (sandwiches and hamburgers) or the Lunch Buffet. It is recommended to buy the lunch ticket by booking it directly at the Ristorante Caffè of the Museum already from the morning of 12th June, starting at 9:30 am, to avoid queues at the cash desks.








The Museo Alfa Romeo tells the legendary story of the brand, via a project and an installation designed to reflect its values: historical presence, beauty and speed, an essential part of the Alfa Romeo Dna. As the visitors admire car after car, they travel through the company’s glorious history and also discover stories and curious facts with the help of videos, images and interactive access points, in a crescendo of emotions.



viale Alfa Romeo, 20020 Arese (MI) – Italy – tel 02 444 255 11 – [email protected]

The Alfa Romeo Museum can be reached by several routes: from the Arese/Lainate exit from the A8/A9 Lainate-Como-Chiasso and Milan-Varese motorways to the lakes; from the A4 Turin-Milan-Venice motorway; from the western Milan ring road that continues southwards with the A1 Milan-Rome-Naples and A7 Milan-Genoa motorways.

The Museum is 15 km away from the city centre of Milan and can easily be reached by public transport.

Take the train or metro line M1 until the station of Rho-Fiera, then take bus line 561 Airpullman, destination Arese, which stops right in front of the Museum (the bus service is active 7 days a week. Tickets can be bought at the station of Rho-Fiera or at the ticket machine)

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The Museum is close to the Lainate/Arese exit on highway A8.
Alternatively, it can be reached from provincial road SP 233 Varesina and state road SS 33 del Sempione.

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