Gruppo Colines Holding designs and manufactures extrusion lines using cast and blown technology.

Founded in 1973 as Colinex, the company has four production units that cover a surface of 25,000 square metres, which are located in strategic locations that can be easily reached from the Milan airports of Malpensa and Linate and are near to important motorway junctions, namely:

Colines Novara Factory
Nibbia (Novara)
Colines Azzate Factory
Azzate (Varese)
Welding Machinery Factory
Gallarate (Varese)
Elav Factory
Cameri (Novara)

Gruppo Colines Holding has an established sales network all over the world with agents present on all five continents.

COLINES® main distinctive features are an undisputed reputation in the market, a highly-qualified technical department with above-average skills and a valuable and professional group structure allowing effective research & development, a problem solving oriented approach and a ready after-sales assistance service.

Dove Siamo

tel: +39 0321 486311

fax: +39 0321 486355/6